Project Details

Client: Swedbank

Partner: Videvita Vilnius

Partner: PM Screen Group

Project Details

PROGRAM ACTIVE is an application designed and created by „VIDEVITA VILNIUS“ which aims are to promote Swedbank Youth Program and to provide the possibility for the most active members to participate in the game „Catch (the) stoat!“

What do you have to do?

• Download PROGRAM ACTIVE app.

• Find Swedbank characters (stoats)with the „Scan me“ tag while exploring webpages which are related to the Swedbank Youth Program

• When the stoat image appears, use app to scan it.

• When 3D image of the stoar appears, register in the pop-up tab for a chance to win prizes!

More stoats you will find, scan and register using PROGRAM ACTIVE app, more chances you will get to win prizes.

The main prize is a smartphone. Winner was informed via phone which was given during the registration.

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